Nokdim hospitality

The package deal for visiting Kfar Hanokdim without staying over includes a camel trek in the Kana'im Valley, traditional Bedouin hospitality and a Bedouin feast.

Camel trek in the Kana’im Valley

And how would we manage in the desert without camels, which are Nature’s four-wheel drive? Choose a camel, climb onto the saddle, and upsy daisy!
First we’ll take the camel for a “test drive” in the desert. Guided by the Bedouin, for whom the camels are like part of the family, we will ride into the heart of the desert, into its breathtaking primeval landscape.
The duration of the trek is about half an hour.
Camel riding is on two-person saddles.
Camel riding is allowed from age five to age 67, and donkey riding from age of two, accompanied by an adult.

Traditional Bedouin hospitality

The host welcomes the guests and invites them to relax in a spacious tent, around a campfire. First he honors his guests with tea imbued with desert herbs, and then begins the traditional coffee-making ritual: he toasts the coffee beans in front of the guests, grinds them with a mortar and pestle to the traditional rhythmic drumming beat, and finally brews coffee and serves it to the guests. After the coffee ceremony the host prepares pitas on a saj, which are served to the guests. The activity is accompanied by explanations and stories about the Bedouin way of life.

The feast

The salads are served first: seasoned Arab salad, thick tahini, homemade pickled vegetables, spicy matbucha, fried eggplant with mint, and cabbage salad with freshly ground black pepper are all brought to the tables. Together with the abundance of salads, a colorful and rich mansaf is served, made of yellow rice, lentils, a choice wheat dish, antipasti and stuffed vegetables, accompanied by thin Bedouin pita bread. A rich meat dish is served with the mansaf. For dessert steaming hot Bedouin tea is or Turkish coffee is served with different types of baklava and seasonal fruit. Throughout the meal you can quench your thirst with clear water and fresh lemon-mint drink.

  • Please leave your vehicle in the large parking lot at the entrance to Kfar Hanokdim for the duration of your stay. No vehicles are allowed in the Kfar.
  • Campfires can be built and wood for the fire can be purchased, but it’s important to light fires only in the specifically allocated areas.
  • There are taps and drinking fountains throughout the Kfar.
  • There is partial reception only for mobile phones from the Orange network, and there isn’t any Wi-Fi.

We would be happy to host you at the Kfar!

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