Nokdim Hiking App

Come hike the Judean desert and reveal all of its secrets with Nokdim Hiking App!

The Nokdim Hiking App offers a variety of interactive hiking routes in the Judean desert. There are attractive stations along the way on each route to help you enjoy the hikes, including quests, trivia questions and fascinating facts about the desert. At each of the stations you can earn points towards winning a camel trophy! There is also an interactive game between the routes that can be played in order to get to know all of the Kfar’s inviting nooks and crannies.

Nokdim Hiking is the result of the development of a dedicated app, specially tailored to the Judean desert, throughout most of which there isn’t mobile phone reception. Our app works offline, which lets you enjoy hiking through the desert, using routes that we built for you, without the need for connecting to the Internet.

Nokdim Hiking app
Nokdim Hiking app

The app contains a great deal of information, and since the Internet connection at Kfar Hanokdim isn’t sufficient, we suggest that you download the app prior to arrival.

 To download the app click on the following link or write
Nokdim Hiking
in the Google Play Store app on your android phone.
It’s important to be connected to Wi-Fi during the download


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