Group Hospitality

An ideal desert package deal for groups (15 guests and up), including: a traditional Bedouin hospitality, a Bedouin feast, accommodations, breakfast and a camel trek in the Kana'im Valley

Camel trek in the Kana’im Valley

And how would we manage in the desert without camels, which are Nature’s four-wheel drive? Choose a camel, climb onto the saddle, and upsy daisy!
First we’ll take the camel for a “test drive” in the desert. Guided by the Bedouin, for whom the camels are like part of the family, we will ride into the heart of the desert, into its breathtaking primeval landscape.
The duration of the trek is about half an hour.
Camel riding is on two-person saddles.
Camel riding is allowed from age five to age 67, and donkey riding from age of two, accompanied by an adult.

Traditional Bedouin hospitality

The host welcomes the guests and invites them to relax in a spacious tent, around a campfire. First he honors his guests with tea imbued with desert herbs, and then begins the traditional coffee-making ritual: he toasts the coffee beans in front of the guests, grinds them with a mortar and pestle to the traditional rhythmic drumming beat, and finally brews coffee and serves it to the guests. After the coffee ceremony the host prepares pitas on a saj, which are served to the guests. The activity is accompanied by explanations and stories about the Bedouin way of life.

Abraham path Activity

Four thousand years ago, following the word of G-d, Abraham left his home and wandered the Holy Land. This biblical journey, which represents the beginning of monotheism, has inspired believers through the centuries.
Finally the Abraham Path was created, a route that reconstructs his ancient trail.
Kfar Hanokdim, situated on that very path between the new city of Arad and ancient Masada,
Gives you a taste of Abraham’s time:
Sitting in a nomad’s tent made of goat’s wool, overlooking the same desert views that Abraham passed through, we will read verses from the bible and let the story unfold. This experience will allow you the opportunity to understand the story from the perspective of our ancestors.

The feast

Traditional Dinner – Bedouin Hafla: The Bedouin hosts dressed in white Jalabiyas welcome the guests and invite them to sit on soft, comfortable mattresses. The guests are seated in a circular fashion around the Sania (a large tray). In the center of the Sania is the Magluba- a rice and vegetable dish served on thin pita breads. Accompanying the Sania are different salads: Arabic vegetable salad, thick tahini salad, cabbage salad, and homemade pickles.
Shortly after, you will be served grilled meats: Kfar Hanokdim’s special homemade Kebab and crispy chicken wings.
All the dishes are lavish, in accord with Bedouin hospitality.
Whenyour Bedouin host notices that you have finished your meal, fruits, Bedouin tea spiced with desert herbs and coffee will be served.

Dining Sheik style: Bedouin hosts welcome all the guests and invite them to relax and sit on soft colorful sofas next to low tables, laden with delicacies. Alternatively, Regular chairs and table will be provided for guests who prefer not to sit on mattresses.
In the centre of the tables are small oriental bowls filled with colorful salads: spiced Arabic salad, thick green tahini, homemade pickles, spicy matbuha, fried eggplant with mint and cabbage with ground pepper.
Alongside the salads there are jugs filled with cool fresh water and mint lemonade.
As guests settle down comfortably, your Bedouin hosts serve big trays laden with thin Fatir (Bedouin pita).
Soon your hosts come again with big Sanias with seasoned Bedouin rice and vegetables, together with Stuffed vegetables and sweet corn arranged around it.
And then, from the kitchen come trays laden with succulent meat:
Skewered tender chicken and homemade kebabs.
All the dishes are lavish, in accord with Bedouin hospitality.
To complete the meal guests are offered spiced Bedouin tea and Turkish coffee, baklava (sweet pastries) and seasonal fruits.


At Kfar Hanokdim you will find a diverse range of accommodation options to comfortably enjoy the magical desert atmosphere, in a guest room or sukkah (guest lodge). Accommodations in a sleeping tent are also available for events.

Bedouin Tent

Guests can stay in a Bedouin tent made of black goat’s hair. The tents are decorated in an authentic style and fully equipped with rugs and soft mattresses.
The desert climate is comfortable all year round, in summer the air is fresh and dry by day and cool and pleasant by night. As for winter, all tents are rain proofed and heated so guests can remain in light clothing.

  • Sleeping in a tent is for groups of minimum 15 guests.
  • In the winter the tent can be heated.
  • Please bring your own toiletries.


  • Desert-style accommodations in charming sukkahs (guest lodges)
    The sukkahs are made of material woven from goat hair, and the floor is paved with wood. There are sleeping futons in the sukkah, coffee-making facilities and an elevated veranda, from which you can savor the desert views over wilderness that stretches as far as the eye can see.There are bathroom facilities near the sukkahs, a small cooking area and places to just chill out or build a campfire.

    • Each sukkah can accommodate from four to eight people.
    • In the winter the sukkah can be heated.
    • Please bring sleeping bags, pillows and towels with you. Sleeping bags and bed linen can rented at an additional price, and must be arranged in advance.
    • There is one electric outlet in the sukkah; please consider bringing along an electrical outlet splitter.

    The cooking area includes a gas stove, worktop and refrigerator. You will have to bring your own utensils (cookware, serving dishes and dishes).


Desert-style accommodation for nature-lovers who want to feel at home.

On the outskirts of Kfar Hanokdim there is a small desert hotel, with 43 desert-style rooms. The furniture in the rooms was handmade by the indigenous people, and is made of iron, wood, local stone and salt crystals that have been deposited in the Dead Sea. The rooms are air conditioned, and have a private bathroom facilities, bed linen, towels and coffee-making facilities. There is a small cooking area near the rooms.

In the evening you can enjoy the tranquility of the desert, relaxing in the grapevine roofed “zulas” (areas for lounging on rugs and pillows) scattered among the rooms, or sit around a campfire.

  • Most of the rooms are suitable for a couple + three (children or additional guests) or a couple + 4.
  • Some of the rooms are accessible for the disabled.
  • Please bring your own toiletries.

  • All reservations have to be coordinated in advance!
  • The Kfar is closed on weekends from July until the middle of September.
  • Animals are not allowed in the Kfar! Animal lovers can enjoy a small petting zoo and the herd of camels and donkeys.
  • Campfires can be built and wood for the fire can be purchased, but it’s important to light fires only in the specifically allocated areas.
  • There are taps and drinking fountains throughout the Kfar.
  • There is partial reception only for mobile phones from the Orange network, and there isn’t any Wi-Fi.

We would be happy to host you at the Kfar!

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