The village of the dots

A green island in the desert

DUNE Children's Play Festival

July 26-27, 2024 in Kfar HaNokudim 🌵🎭 Festival of children’s plays in Kfar HaNokudim: desert experiences for the whole family! 🎪🌟

plays | Circus performances Water complex Workshops food complex | Activity for children and adults Desert hospitality Free beer during pouring hours

Dots with Stars Festival - Meteor Shower August 2024

Workshops Star observation (in cooperation with “Meteor” company) | Shows Guided tours Dances Stalls | A pampering water complex for the daytime and a lot of space atmosphere for the whole family!

Midweek specials - summer 2024 Doubles operation

Amazing couples sale in the months of May and June!!
Accommodation package in guest rooms includes:
Guided night tour
A plate of sweets for the room
and a bottle of cava
For a quiet and romantic evening on a green island in the heart of the desert.
The offer is also valid on Thursdays! In the months of May – June 2024.

Midweek specials - summer 2024 Operation families

And a special family sale for the middle of the week!

In the months of July-August, an accommodation package in all options includes:

Guided night tour

The water complex is open for use

Comzitz kit (except for reservations for camping or space for a trailer)

Come and stay in the dot village

In Kfar HaNokodim, located in the heart of the Judean Desert, you can disconnect from the everyday hustle and bustle and surrender to the space and time unique to the desert. Various accommodation options are at your disposal.

A desert hotel in the heart of the village

Guest rooms, glamping pavilions and buses are attached to the rooms. Everything is air-conditioned and under desert hotel conditions. Adjusted for maximum comfort

Khan Hospitality - tents and camping

Desert-style accommodation for nature lovers who want to feel comfortable. Large and comfortable tents for groups, places for independent camping or caravan parks.

Future festivals and events

Information about future events in the village. Recognized festivals and peak events throughout the year and are published on the village website.

Activities and attractions

Ordering system for activities and meals according to dates and availability for visitors who are not staying in the village.

About Us

In the valley of the Kanaim in the Judean desert, between the city of Arad and Masada, lies a verdant oasis: Kfar HaNokodim. Here, in the shade of palm trees and orchards, stand picturesque guest rooms, desert tents woven from goat’s wool, spacious khans made of local stone and often coveted corners. The village was established in 1991 and since then has hosted thousands of groups and families from Israel and the world. The village of the nodes is the perfect place for a desert vacation or an unforgettable event in the heart of the wild landscape of the Judean desert.
A desert experience in the village of the dots

נאקה מדגמנת
מתחם סוכות האירוח

Hold a private or business event in the heart of the desert

You are invited to hold a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, wedding, business event, private event, conference or fun day with us at Kfar HaNokodim, and everything is customized exactly according to your personal taste and needs.

business event

Experiential festivals in the desert, desert ODT, formation days and a variety of other options for a unique and unforgettable business event. You can hold a structured concept event or a customized event

Bar mitzvahs in israel

Bar Mitzvah at Masada

Come celebrate the bar mitzvah ceremony in the oldest synagogue in the world, located on Mount Masdada in front of the wild desert landscapes, full of historical significance.

חתונה בכפר

A wedding in the desert

If you're looking for a "different" wedding, you've come to the right place. In Kfar HaNokdim you can surrender to the time and space of the desert and have a meaningful and special experience.

סוכות אירוח

The elements of the event

It is important for us to adapt the event to your taste and needs. We will be happy to put together an event for you that will include workshops and activities, meals and accommodation based on listening and on a personal basis.

Get to know the area

Now, after you’ve signed up and spent time in the village, it’s the perfect time to go out and tour the area around us. In order to help you, we have built a dynamic system that concentrates the variety of possibilities for getting to know the area. So, hit the road!

מסעדת מוזה ערד

Restaurants and home hospitality

Recommended restaurants on the way to the village

בולען בים המלח

Attractions in Arad and the surrounding area

Attractions and options for recreation around the village

נחל פרצים בים המלח

Itineraries and scenic views in the area

Routes in the village area and the immediate surroundings.

Good eye show!

The dot village is uniquely designed and we continue to develop it every day with creative joy. You are invited to stroll through the photos and videos that show the village and the activities that take place there.
לוגו אתר מאקו
לוגו מומלץ מפה
לוגו טריפ אדוויזור

we will be glad to host you!

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