Reception and Meals

Plentiful meals are served in the spacious lodge in the style of the Arabian nights..

Reception (Marhaba)

when visitors enter through the gates of the Kfar they see a bustling Bedouin market spread out before their eyes, crowded with hawkers, camels and donkeys. The Bedouin host, garbed in the traditional robes, pours the guests Bedouin tea, Turkish coffee and a cooling lemon-mint drink. The guests are invited to partake of the abundant spread in the colorful stalls: a variety of oriental sweets, many types of dried fruit, various Arabian cookies, fresh natural drinks, hot drinks, nuts of all sorts, pita bread and more.

The reception can be augmented by adding stalls for hummus, couscous and falafel to the market.

The feast

Served at the tables in the traditional way on large platters – sit back and enjoy a feast fit for kings.

The salads are served first: seasoned Arab salad, thick tahini, homemade pickled vegetables, spicy matbucha, fried eggplant with mint, and cabbage salad with freshly ground black pepper are all brought to the tables. Together with the abundance of salads, a colorful and rich mansaf is served, made of yellow rice, lentils, a choice wheat dish, antipasti and stuffed vegetables, accompanied by thin Bedouin pita bread. A rich meat dish is served with the mansaf (the meat dishes vary, see details below). For dessert steaming hot Bedouin tea or Turkish coffee is served with different types of baklava and seasonal fruit. Throughout the meal you can quench your thirst with clear water and fresh lemon-mint drink.

The meat menu:

The Mukhtar’s banquet: skewers of tender chicken and lamb cutlets sprinkled with parsley.
The Emir’s mansaf: homemade kebab with lamb fat, skewers of tender chicken and lamb cutlets sprinkled with parsley.
The Sultan’s delicacies: skewers of tender chicken, skewers of entrecote and lamb cutlets sprinkled with parsley.

All of the dishes are served in abundance, in the best Bedouin tradition.


A day before the meal the Bedouin build a single-use underground oven, using local stone. The oven is heated with special wood that gives off a pleasant aroma and creates extremely high heat. Choice lamb or young goat meat is sealed into the oven.
After about two hours the oven is opened up in front of the guests, who savor meat so tender that it melts in the mouth, tasting as if it were both roasted and grilled, as well as smoked.

The meals are contingent upon 15 diners, except for the special Zarb meals, which is designed for a minimum of 25 people.

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