Scheherazade sleeping tent

Arabian Nights' themed accommodations (for events only)

The Scheherazade tent is decorated in the spirit of the tales of the Thousand and One Nights and is divided into two parts: one part of the tent is devoted to eastern-style seating areas with hookahs and backgammon games, hammocks and a corner for making coffee and tea with herbs; the second part of the tent is arranged for sleeping, with mattresses topped by a sleeping bag and sheet.

  • Accommodations in the tent are for at least 30 people.
  • Please bring your own towels and toiletries.
  • There is an area for building campfires near the tent; wood for the campfire is available.
  • There is an electric outlet near the tent; please consider bringing along an electrical outlet splitter.
  • Prices and cancellation fees are arranged with our Events Dept.
  • The Scheherazade tent cannot be reserved during the Succoth or Passover holidays.

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