is an online booking website that grades accommodations and publishes recommendations by Internet users regarding different options across the globe. Kfar Hanokdim has maintained a high grade on over the years, with a current ranking of 8.7 (“very good”).

Here’s what some of our customers had to say:

“The best experience in Israel”
The view around the camp is just breathtaking. We loved meeting a true Bedouin woman to hear her talk about her life, enjoyed the camel ride and the food was super delicious. The staff was very friendly and attentive. Our room was very cosy and we had our own bathroom – in the middle of the desert! We wish we had stayed longer because this was the best experience we had from our trip around Israel. – Vaiva, Lithuania

”A total experience!”
Amazing food! Tons of it!!! Plus the camel ride is pretty fun too. The staff is helpful and friendly, they work hard to show every guest a really good time. But, for me, the best thing about it was the cleanliness. It is off the charts!!! – Angie, USA

“Gorgeous oasis in the Negev Desert”
Beautiful rooms with artisan furniture. Art everywhere. An oasis in the desert. – Bettina, UK

“A must do experience”
The atmosphere, the food, the location, and the friendly organizers. The proximity to Masada was great to go and see the sunrise from the top. – Adsen, Australia

Amazing place. Already our 3rd visit, and still happy. – Azi, Netherlands

It’s not your average tourist hotel at all. It’s in the middle of nowhere and it’s great. You truly get the oasis/Bedouin feeling. The supper and breakfast were awesome. The rooms are big, good showers and all made for a good sleep. With a view of Masada and a camel ride in the desert, you can understand why it is a sought-after destination. Love it. Go if you can. – Steven, South Africa

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