Youth Groups in Kfar Hanokdim

Kfar Hanokdim offers youth groups to grow and mature in the desert with our variety programs:

Don’t say you did not know!

A variety of activities in Kfar Hanokdim-
From challenging activities in the desert to quiet night activities

Outdoor Desert Activities


Desert Tracing

Come listen and discover the secret sights and sounds of the desert that help the tracker find his way in the desert. During the workshop we will try out tracking techniques, we will detect animal tracks and we will learn how to read the mysteries hidden in the recent and far off past of the desert.

נוודי המדבר- הדלקת אש


ODT activity in the heart of the desert, enabling an experience of group cohesion, development of leadership abilities, improvement of teamwork skills and more. The participants are divided into competing tribes and pass through stations at which they have to perform tasks such as those which our forefathers had to carry out in the desert.

סנפלינג בנחל רחף עליון

Desert challenge day

On the way from Arad to Kfar Hanokdim, the bus will stop at an observation deck. From the top of the upper Nahal Rahaf waterfall, we will abseil. At the end of the abseiling, a short stroll at the beautiful canyon will get us to the camels and a refreshing cup of tea and coffee on the fire. Riding the camels will reveal Kfar Hanokdim oasis.

Stone Balancing

Stone Balancing

In the art of rock balancing stones are laid one on top of the other at angles that seem impossible, in which the only adhesive used is gravity. We will learn the basic techniques of rock balancing, and everyoneof can try their hand at Rujm, which are the trail markers of the desert nomads. The impressive constructions achieved and the satisfaction derived from their stability make for a surprising and powerful experience!

Nokdim Cycling


Single Nokdim offers experiential and enjoyable cycling in the heart of the Kana’im Valley, on a marked circular route. The route is seven km long and the level of difficulty is easy to medium. Bicycles can be rented for independent or guided cycling trips.

A Night to Remember

Music bonfire

Music bonfire

The combination of the fire's heat, the warmth of the heart, the sounds of the guitar, and the singing are a common and popular sight in Israel. We invite the group to a music show in three languages – English, Spanish and Hebrew, accompanied by a guitar and a Djembe drum. The artist will share his life story, his bond to the music and to the desert.

תצפית כוכבים


Welcome to the kingdom of the night. We will observe the enormous skies, look at pictures taken with a space telescope, listen to some sky related myths and stories, and with a little bit of luck- catch a falling star and even make a wish.

Drumming Circle

Drum circle

Come with us and discover the soul of drums from all around the globe. Let the rhythms into your body and your soul and let them take you to new places.


Ecological Workshop


In the Kfar Nokdim tent village we will learn how to live comfortably and in harmony with nature, and through practical experience we will crack the riddle of the Beouin pa-Tent! We will learn how to cook with the heat of the sun and how to produce water in the desert, how to light fires in different ways and more.

יוגה על המצדה

Sunrise Yoga in Masada

Imagine that you’re standing on top of Mount Masada, surrounded by the ancient desert wilderness, while the sun begins to rise, revealing more and more of the infinite primeval beauty around you. And by the light of dawn, on the mountaintop, you devote yourself to guided yoga. And with every movement, inhalation and exhalation, you feel your heart expanding to take in the power of the mountain and the desert.

Tools Kit

PDF Map of the Kfar

A high quality sketch of the village's map in a vectory PDF file

trails map

A map with a few trails around the village

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