Many of the Jewish nation`s customs started in the Judean desert, from the times of Abraham, Itzak, Yaakov, Moses and David. In the desert these patriarchs’ shaped their special characters, received visions and grew to be the leaders that they were.

The Israelite nation received the Tora in the desert, and here, in the desert these young people take it upon themselves to continue the customs.

In the Nokdim Village, we will arrange a ceremony that will bond the mitzvah sons and daughters to the desert and the ancient customs. The desert ceremony is an experience, in which all the young adults celebrating their coming of age, will re-establish the ancient pact and be the link to the past.

Bar Mitzva on Masada and Kfar Hanokdim

Bar Mitzvahs in Israel – Kfar Hanokdim

Bar Mitzvahs in Israel provide young men or women with a link to their traditions.

For those who choose to celebrate Bar Mitzvah in Israel, we offer an even more memorable and exciting experience at Kfar Hanokdim.

Kfar Hanokdim – an oasis in the Judean desert located merely 11 kilometers away from ancient Masada, offers an extraordinary place to mark the age of Mitzvoth. The unique combination of biblical atmosphere, created by the extraordinary setting of the village, and being called to the Torah at the ancient synagogue on Masada, or in Kfar Hankdim, will commemorate this most special day in a young person’s life.

At Kfar Hanokdim, the ceremony overlooks the Kanaim Mountain and can take place regardless of the weather. A separate area for the ceremony, ‘climate controlled’, is set up. This area can be closed, heated, shaded or chilled – all as needed.

The ceremony is performed by Dead Sea Chabad Rabbi (The same Rabbi who conducts the ceremony at Masada). All religious ceremony aspects should be arranged directly with him:.

Finally, we will tailor a program to fit your wishes and specifications. We provide receptions, a variety of meals, a selection of accommodations, and diverse activities, including Following the Fathers` footsteps.

The ceremony of  “Following the Fathers` footsteps” intensifies the experience of Bar Mitzvah in Israel, and enables the young person to cope with challenging tasks from the Biblical World: Goat herding, lighting a fire, Building Abraham`s tent, saddling and riding camels and more
In the “Following the Fathers` footsteps” ceremony, the group will divide into tribes, receiving the tribal Kafia (desert head dress). They will then participate in a cross tribal contest in which they will have to complete missions that the patriarchs’ did during their time in the desert.