Trip advisor certificate
Trip advisor certificate

TripAdvisor is a well-known American Web portal which provides information and reviews about various different destinations and businesses around the world to help site users to plan their holidays. TripAdvisor has granted Kfar Hanokdim first place in the category of specialty lodgings in Arad. Our rating on TripAdvisor is 4.5 stars (out of five) and we hold TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence since 2014.

Here’s what some of our TripAdvisor customers had to say:

“Amazing experience”
Wonderful camp – thoroughly enjoyed the camel ride and watching the sunrise over the desert was incredible. Loved the “orientation” they provided about the history of the people and lifestyle. We stayed in one of the private rooms – nice, clean and comfortable with all the modern amenities. Lots of places with comfortable outdoor seating for enjoying the evening and fellowship with other travellers. Food was very good – loved the whole experience of staying here. We will definitely come back. – Angie, USA

“An awesome and unique experience”
Our family stayed in Kfar Hanokdim for two nights. The room was great and food was excellent. We really enjoyed exploring the desert around it, hiking in the canyons, etc. It was very beautiful and peaceful. A truly unique experience. Sometimes sitting on top of the mountain listening to the wind is the best way to relax. – Sverdlin

“A weekend desert experience”

We had a couple of American friends visiting us and decided to take them to Kfar Hanokdim to experience the Israeli desert. After we were shown to the lovely “sukkah” we booked for the night, we walked around the serene complex. There’s quite an attention to details, even the water fountains turned out to be not only refreshing and functional, but beautifully decorated. We then continued to a short camel ride, and snapped some fun photos, followed by an introduction to the Bedouin culture and hospitality. At sunset we sipped some beers on the deck on top of our Sukkah, and enjoyed the desert view, it was a great way to end the day. – Noam, Israel

“A great desert experience!”

Driving from Tel Aviv to Kfar Hanokdim is about two hours. The driving there is just wow! As you get near, you are surrounded by dunes and suddenly you see the oasis. You can buy different types of accommodations. We took a nice room as part of their “hospitality” package. They greet you with a real feast. Then you hear stories on how Bedouins live. We had the pleasure afterwards to have a “private” concert with Brian who was even able to show us how the shofar makes a sound! He was such a great teacher that we were both able to make it sound! The following day we had breakfast, buffet style, and then we went on a camel ride. Unforgettable experience I recommend! – Sanda

“Clean, welcoming, equipped, recommended”

Stayed there for three days with four other families and kids. Great adventure for kids and parents. Very clean in general, very welcoming. We chose a grand Bedouin tent which was equipped with kitchen and refrigerator. Desert morning starts there with birds singing. We took a camel tour for the kids – they loved it. We will sure come back! – Tal, South Africa

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