Tours attractions and resturants in the area

Day trip on the way to Eilat

The road to Eilat runs through primeval desert that looks like a deserted planet, but there are hidden gems tucked away in the silence and vast expanses of the desert, under the blazing sun

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Day trip in Arad

Arad is the first planned city in Israel and was built on a grid plan. The desert city has much to offer domestic and foreign visitors

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Day trip in the area of the geological craters

The area of the geological craters looks like a science fiction movie set. Enjoy the boundless desert views that encompass cliffs, boulders, waterfalls and multi-colored sand in many different textures

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Day trip in the footsteps of Christianity

The Negev is bursting with important tourist sites connected to Christianity. The combination of the Negev desert wilderness and the glorious history of Christianity makes for an exciting tour experience that combines nature and culture at its best

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Day trip in the Dead Sea area

The Dead Sea is the lowest place on earth, at about 400 meters below sea level. Beyond the luxurious facilities and treatments offered by the hotels at the Dead Sea, its proximity to Masada and the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve, make it a prime tourist attraction.

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Day trip in the Beersheba region

In the Beersheba area we can learn about the lifestyles of the Bedouin and see ancient remains from the time of our forefathers as well as the traces left by visits by leaders of other peoples.

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