Bedouin culture

Bedouin Ethnic Experience

Traditional Bedouin hospitality

The host welcomes the guests and invites them to relax in a spacious tent, around a campfire. First he honors his guests with tea imbued with desert herbs, and then begins the traditional coffee-making ritual: he toasts the coffee beans in front of the guests, grinds them with a mortar and pestle to the traditional rhythmic drumming beat, and finally brews the coffee and serves it to the guests. The activity is accompanied by explanations and stories about the Bedouin way of life.

Desert medicine

According to Bedouin legend God created the camel from the clouds and the Bedouin from the wind so that they would be as free as the wind… During thousands of years in the desert, the Bedouin have learned to identify and find sources of medicinal plants. In the workshop we will learn about the unique qualities of the medicinal plants that can be found in the desert, we will talk about old school remedies and show their effectiveness in treating common health problems, as well as how to use them. We will then gain some practical experience in their cultivation and application through the skin by preparing a facial rinse and mask made only of desert plants.


“At the very edge of settled land, in the desert wilderness, the seeds of an ancient culture germinated, seeds riding the wind from long ago, and in the tent the untold story will be revealed…
We will sail into the realm of the secret and mystery of the desert, balancing on the thin line between reality and legend, and will listen to the stories of the Arabian Nights and to Bedouin tales full of rich humor and the desert.

The workshops take place by appointment and there is a charge for participation

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