Desert Art

Basket weaving

Weaving is a wonderful community craft. We sit together, like a sort of ancient tribe and weave together and separately. On one hand, there is the shared experience, and on the other everyone is busy and focused on their own individual work. Weaving is a fascinating trade that empowers us to create various articles, tools and ornaments. Together we will experience the magic of weaving and learn to how to create with straw and wicker.

Jewelry workshop

The beautiful contrast between the serenity and the ferocity of the desert are felt in the preparation of every earring, bracelet or pendant, from the design to the finished product. In the workshop we will create desert jewelry from beads in the colors of the rainbow and the earth. And so you will be able to create a bracelet or a necklace that will be a constant reminder, wherever you may be, of the desert.

Desert silk painting

Come and create a landscape painting inspired by the magnificent Judean Desert using a free technique for painting on silk with watercolors and salt. The images are always surprising and impressive thanks to the nature of the silk (which is a closely woven fabric) and the quality of the watercolors (that spread quickly). Using the technique you will learn in the workshop you will be able to create additional paintings, and make silk scarves and even special jewelry for yourselves.

Green art

The desert’s open spaces inspire endless imagination and creativity. We will work with wood, clay, twigs and stones, creating beautiful things for home decoration: Hamsot (lucky talismans), mobiles, frames, key chains, all from the fruit of the desert, all natural and recycled.

The workshops take place by appointment and there is a charge for participation

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