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Juggling is more than just throwing balls in the air and catching them. Juggling can teach us a lot about how we deal with learning new things, and with success and failure. Juggling is a first-class tool for sharpening concentration, developing creative thinking and time management. In the juggling workshop we will learn to “stop running after balls” and just enjoy the training and the experience.

Stone balancing

In the art of rock balancing stones are laid one on top of the other at angles that seem impossible, in which the only adhesive used is gravity. We will learn the basic techniques rock balancing, and everyone can try their hand at Rujm, which are the trail markers of the desert nomads. The impressive constructions achieved and the satisfaction derived from their stability make for a surprising and powerful experience!

Kabbalat Shabbat performance

The Joya Troupe performs a repertoire of songs for Shabbat, both old and new, rooted in the Jewish experience. The musicians play on ancient ethnic instruments such as the oud, saz, kamancheh (Persian violin), flutes and a diverse variety of percussion instruments. Original arrangements of songs by Rabbi Ibn Gavirol, Rabbi Yehudah Halevi and Rabbi Yisrael Najara will be performed, as well as cover versions of popular Israeli groups such as Shotei Hanevu’a, Hadag Nahash, Barry Sakharov and others.
The duration of the show is about one and a half to two hours.


The use of bows and arrows is widespread throughout the world and has been around since the dawn of humanity. What is the magic of archery, which is so simple? How do a bit of a branch and a piece of rope become a tool for hunting? Or a defensive weapon? When did archery become a sporting industry? And where is it still used today as a weapon?
Together we will pull the bow and shoot the arrows and try to hit the target.

Native American blowgun competition

A blowgun is a funny (but lethal!) sort of weapon comprised of a tube and darts, which are propelled by exhalation.
Together we will fill our lungs with air, will exhale into the blowgun and shoot….and with a little luck, we’ll hit the target!

The workshops take place by appointment and there is a charge for participation

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