Body and soul

The Spirit of the Desert

Yoga in the desert

In the heart of nature’s desert wilderness we will practice yoga with movement and breathing. We will breathe the desert deep into our souls, taking in its special peace, its wind, all its colors of brown, yellow and white, its rocks and golden sand. With each inhalation and exhalation we move and lead our bodies on a spiritual journey that will take us beyond the mountains. The workshop will help us to strengthen the relationship between flexibility, stability and balance of mind and body, and we will see ourselves clearly with peace and compassion.

Meditation in the desert

Meditation is the silence within the noise. It is the ability to sit quietly for a moment without the thoughts and feelings that upset us. Meditation gives us the tools to maintain our balance even in the face of situations that anger us, frighten us and hurt us. You are invited to take a moment to tune out the noise and daily routines and to devote yourselves to the world within you. And to find peace, tranquility and comfort in this inner world.

Hamam treatments

In a luxurious white tent, perfumed with lavender and jasmine, we can relax and give ourselves over to many pleasurable treatments: massage, reflexology, naturopathic healing, and more. Immerse yourself in the soothing serenity of the desert and put aside all your troubles for a while.
Duration of each treatment: 15 minutes.

Mystic tent

In the best tradition of the East, in a candlelit tent perfumed with incense, we will visit a palm reader and get a tarot card reading. We will hear about what has been and what will be, and will get some wise advice.

The workshops take place by appointment and there is a charge for participation.

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